Mosie Baby: An honest review

Image from Mosie Baby website

On the sixth month of ttc desperation I started to look for anything to make the journey shorter. I researched my ass off and found some people use at home self insemination kits. They simply use their devices to swoop up the sperm and place it where it needs to be. Simple! Plus if I'm honest, the very frequent sex was beginning to get a bit boring. The fun and spontaneity had truly gone, it was a chore at times. A self insemination kit seemed like the easy solution for getting our sanity and sex life back while also still trying for a baby.

So I did what any millennial does best, I googled the shit out of it. I saw some people used turkey basters, despite having one in the kitchen draw I decided this wasn't for  me. The thought of shoving a kitchen utensil up myself just wasn't appealing. The whole self insemination thing was strange enough on it's own for me. 

I then found that some people also thought the turkey baster was a tad too far, and instead were using syringes without needles. Bit better, but the thought of putting one of those inside me didn't appeal much either. Then there was stork, which was rather expensive but looked more comfortable than the other techniques. 

I felt like some weird version of Goldilocks and the three insemination techniques. Then we found Mosie baby, and it finally didn't feel weird anymore. The videos put me instantly at ease, Maureen's friendly face is on hand to talk you through the whole process. She has a ton of helpful tips and tricks for those at the start of their baby making journey. The Mosie baby kit itself also didn't look that scary, it looked about the size of a tampon and had a smooth end. The kit arrived in the mail and I loved the packaging. The box says let's make a baby, it just feels like Mosie is on your side. The leaflet and positive packaging really helped us ease into the idea of using it.

Honestly, it really helped us feel like a semi normal couple again. We were having sex when we wanted to and used Mosie as a back up for days when our schedules just didn't match or we just simply didn't feel like it. The pressure was finally off, sex wise. I hadn't yet been diagnosed with PCOS and Endo at this point, however I had seen the kit work for many others who had similar or the same issues. I tried the kit a few times, and still have one syringe as a back up. 

You are meant to use the kits once then dispose of them however the syringes are good quality. They don't get stuck or break, and unlike other syringe methods they ensure as much sperm as possible is dispensed. Sometimes with a regular syringe not all the sperm gets dispensed, and what if that sperm was the good one who was going to grow up and become a millionaire?

I also was so impressed that I actually emailed Maureen herself to let her know I'd written a review on my fave website at the time to tell other infertile friends about it. I wasn't expecting a response, but Maureen herself responded asking me to let her know how  I got on. She's such a sweetheart! At a time when this was all so new to me, it was lovely having her contact me genuinely caring about how I was.

Anyway, if you're thinking of giving Mosie a try I would. There's no harm in trying and hey, it's probably one of the less weird things I've bought on my ttc journey. Believe me I've tried all sorts of voo doo!



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